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Help with path inside path
Hi there. Ive searched but couldnt found the solution for what i want to do I will explain with images.
I have this situation and what i want to do is fill with black the upper path the red line path but i dont want it to go inside the blue path. Can i full and use the upper line of the blue path as the limit? (second image to explain better)

[Image: q99LFLU.jpg]
But i dont want to fill everything inside red path i want something like this:
[Image: xAateqP.jpg]
This is just a scratch to show better what im talkin. Basically I want to fill the red path but not going inside the blue. Because if i fill the red path it will fill all the red including some of the blue path. Is there any way to do what i want to?
Thanks in advance! Wink
Use the path dock options to create the selection-from-path
First a regular selection from the first path
Then from the second path use the ctrl key to subtract from the first selection.


20 second animation

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