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Honey do we throw that?
Said my lovely wife while cleaning old stored boxes Wink

Souvenirs - souvenirs... old CDs part of my very first tries with some Linux distros
That was the time when I started my computer it gave me 2 options, to start with Linux or Windows 98/millenium, it was also the times of the "big" Y2K bug on TV
The time where you can open the Windows/DOS prompt and type> format C: (I heard that Microsoft's Windows do not let you format your windaube partition anymore)
And... I discovered GIMP, because of Linux.
Big Grin


They call this stuff 'e-waste' which seems to refer to both hardware and software. Development in the computer industry is relentless and the e-waste must have huge carbon footprints.

I first worked in the industry in the early 1980's on a laptop ahead of it's time. I also got into Linux early on and used it personally for about 25 years. I used Mandrake and it's a pity it became Mandriva.

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