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How can I get text on a circle and use a background image in the text?
I am using gimp 2.10.22
I would like to place text on a circle and use a background image to fill the text. I have found tutorials for both but not together? I have attached the text image.

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Two cases:

You don't warp the underlying image:
  • The tutorials you have show you how to obtain  a the curved text as a "path".
  • Instead of bucket-filling a selection from it, use the selection to create a hole in your layer, showing the image in a layer below
  • Or use the selection to copy-paste from another layer
You want to warp the underlying image
  • You can use the polar coordinates filter to wrap an image in a circle (in you case, you want your flag to be a part of the circle, and so will have to add margins on the sides
  • However this stretches the image and also blurs it a lot, so your starts won't look like stars and will be blurry.
  • A possible workaround is to find a font with a character that draws an American flag, and to warp it the same way, and then paint the resulting warped flag before you use it as above.
Ofnuts Thanks How would I go about doing:
Or use the selection to copy-paste from another layer
(02-18-2021, 01:36 PM)cbz2021 Wrote: Ofnuts Thanks How would I go about doing:
Or use the selection to copy-paste from another layer
  • Select>From path should give you a selection following the curved text path
  • Activate the flag layer, check that the selection is where you want in the flag (otherwise you can move the selection mask using the Move tool that you put in "Move selection" mode (second icon, red square)
  • Edit>Copy
  • Activate the target layer
  • Edit>Paste
Getting close but when I export the letters dont show only the flag.

Figured it out thanks OFNuts!

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@Ofnuts Do you know why the text deforms?
That's the way the built-in  "Text along path" function works. It computes new positions for each control point individually. The distortion becomes visible if the characters are not small relative to the curve radius. But a nice consequence is that the letters don't overlap (in you image, without distortion the final 'ES' would likely overlap.

There is my ofn-text-along-path script with works on a character basis, so characters are not distorted.

A different way to distort paths is to use my ofn-bend-path script:

...or an exercise in layer masks


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