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How did you organize your archive?
How did you organize your archive?

How do you store files? What hardware do you use? What software do you use?

How do you catalog the files in your archive? What software do you use?

I want my archive to be reliable. I want to find files in archive quickly. I want to use automated archiving and cataloging tools, schedule. I want to make few copies of archive automatically. I want to store copies of archive in different locations. I run Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
rich2005, Ofnuts, how did you organize your archive?
What archive? My photo archives are in directories by date and subject, except animals (insects and birds mostly) that are by species, and planes (I go to airshows) that are kept by model. Edits are usually kept in the same directory. All this is backed up, and old stuff is moved to a pair of external disks.

Other image work is kept in adequately named directories and directory trees. The small number doesn't entail any kind of specific archiving, thy are backed up with the rest of my files.

Many examples I show in these parts are throw-away stuff.
Much the same as Ofnuts, I keep photographs (and data), on my computer storage disk. Photographs I browse through with XnViewMP. The same folders also backed up to an external drive (just in case).

However, I used to be be an avid collecter of just about everything and all that I archived to CD's sometimes DVD's. I used to keep track of those with a Windows application 'WhereIsit' (still do although CD's are now transfered to external usb drive)
You'll probably get a much wider range of replies if you ask the question over on

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