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How to Save
OK, I've spent the better part of an hour at this. Seems ridiculous, but even with the aid of multiple websites that don't seem to be describing GIMP as I'm seeing it, I must ask: how do you save changes to an image?

I'm working on a PNG. All I've done is crop it and use the Perspective Tool to remove some distortion. It looks great on screen. So then, no matter if I use various Save or Export options, two things happen: (a) it acts like it's saving the image in its edited form, when really it isn't, and (b) after that non-save, it reverts the image to the way it was before I did my edits. So my work is lost and I have an output file that looks the same as the input file.

It can't be that hard. Could someone please tell me how to save my changes? I'm using GIMP 2.10.4. Many thanks.
In 2.10 many tools require one last strike of the [Enter] key to "commit" the action. And since this is new in 2.10 most tutorials (which are still mostly written for 2.8, if not 2.6) do not mention it...
Worth a mention:
Enter fixes the transform, so does choosing another tool, but the tool should look like this


Clicking the Transform button (1) also fixes it. If that little window  is in the way the 'up' pointing arrow (2) detaches to move around.

Other tools with a similar display, rotate, scale, shear and the two new tools unified transform and handle transform.

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