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How to achieve texture gradient?
How do I get a similar stippling effect that is on the lighter parts of the blue & white gradient of these trees? I have a different tree that’s colored solid white aside from its brown trunk so it didn’t stand out of the background I wanted to put it on. So this is the sort of effect I want. I fuzzy selected the top of my white tree, picked 2 color swatches, then stretched the gradient tool in a vertical line. So the coloring’s good to go but I just I don’t know how to get a texture effect that’s concentrated at the top and evenly transitions down like this.. How would you go about it?
Attached file + here is link to the same picture. You have to zoom in to really see it because it's subtle.

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Quote:You have to zoom in to really see it because it's subtle.

It is subtle because it is so small. Very probably originally a vector image rendered at a that small size or a larger image scaled down and degraded.

However, AFAIK not possible in one go using Gimp.

Easy enough to get a gradient fill.


Put the texture in with a brush, You can make your own, start with a greyscale image, white is transparent, black solid foreground colour, grey's FG with transparency.  Better to make larger and size down in tool options than small. 


Export as something.gbr put in your brushes folder C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\brushes Use it as a stamp and dab onto the image.


Attached the gbr file for you to play with.

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.gbr   01-dots.gbr (Size: 156.29 KB / Downloads: 5)

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