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How to make a background transparent and solid?
Hi, Im doing a map for the game Worms Reloaded. The background can be created using transparency or if I create 2 layers, the background can be black instead of transparent, so black or transparent will do a background. But I want to change the color of the background (when Worms Reloaded see black or transparent, it sets a default background image from the game, but I dont want default background). 
But how do I change the color of the background if the game only see background as black or transparent? 
In other words I want a background image or color but it need to be transparent at same time so it will work as background (everything that is black or transparent I cant touch ingame, so it works as background, images or color is not transparent so I can touch ingame.
I think it should be something like a image layer behind the background. 
There is maps with image as background so it is possible to do
Im working with TGA file
Im very new to Gimp, just downloaded it yesterday to work with game maps

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