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How to remove unwanted line on Gimp 2.10.14
Hi there,

I've been trying to figure out how to remove the outline of the adjusted "twitch logo" in my attachment picture.
If you look carefully, you will see a previous outline after i scaled the twitch logo down.

How do i remove that outline??
Thank you so much

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I can not reproduce that from the information you give. Scaling a layer (icon) layer looks like this:


Can you post the whole Gimp something like above ? Especially the layers dock.

When exporting the image (to a png or jpeg) does the 'ghosting' still exist ?
If it does easy fixed with the resynthesizer / heal plugin or just a simple clone but the real question is what operations preceded your screenshot.
Filter - Enhance - Heal Selection
Just select the line you want to delete and apply the heal selection filter.

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Hello! Thank you for the responses.

I have made 3 layers:
1. One for the background (space)
2. One for the text on top of the background
3. Twitch Logo

Prior to this issue, I found out how to adjust the twitch logo's size and grew the Twitch logo to show the outer white space
i.e. "Select" - "Grow" - etc..

After moving this Twitch logo, the outline of the adjusted (bigger) twitch logo was left.
P.s. Exporting my attached image like this still shows the outline

@ Krikor.. Are you talking about the "Filters" button on top?
I do not see the "Heal Selection" option.

I tried the "Healing Tool" but at the bottom of the window it says, "Set a source image first".

Anything else you need to help me figure this out?
Im using Gimp 2.10.14 by the way
I agree with Rich, the real question is how it appeared. You would get something like this if you do alpha-to-selection(*) before using the Scale tool, which is unnecessary of the object you scale is already on it own layer.


(*) because the edge pixels are only partially transparent, so are partially selected. When you apply a transform tool to a selection, that selection is cut to a temporary layer. But pixels that are partially selected are only partially cut, so are not totally removed from the source layer and leave a ghost...
@Ofnuts So how do you think I can remove that outline now?

Ok. I have taken a screen of the Twitch logo with the outline next to it. 
The second picture are the list of layers.
When I click on the 2nd layer.. Both the twitch logo AND the outline goes away.

I have been trying to duplicate the twitch logo & outline layer and crop the outline out of the image but then... the other layers scale down as well... EVEN when i lock the layer 

Oh my gosh.
Please help


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