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Image on contours
All sorts of ways to go about your project. The way I proposed, as with all of Gimp there are other ways. Just a rough outline, too many variables to consider.

Find your bus image - larger is better than smaller.

The hard bit for a beginner (assuming beginner) is the layer mask. Various ways to get that. I start off with the gmic filter, extract foreground and then tidy the result up. Another way is trace around with paths. Sometimes Layer -> Threshold will get a start. There is no definitive way. End result is a black/white image used as a mask.

That layer mask is then used on the image you want to place over the bus. (the overlay)

As Espermaschine noted the original colour of the bus is best changed to a neutral colour. My original hack, just left the London Bus red, did not matter much with the graffiti photo I used.

Where does the bumpmapping come in. Make some sort of outline layer using one of the edge detect filters. That will need cleaning up as well.

Applying that as the bumpmap source to the overlay and you get bolder panels and features but go easy with the values. Using that as a source for a displacement map small value 'x' only can also make the overlay 'flow' a little.

Main one here is the layer mode, hard light will (hopefully) bring out some of the shading from the base layer.

Of course there is more to it than that. The overlay probably need perspective applying to all or part.

My original file, (lucky, I very rarely keep examples, was around 30 MB) so scaled down to 50%

If you want to play around before getting your own images, it is here: 3 MB

Copy your overlay image, and paste into the top layer as a starter to see how it works.

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