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Is there a way to resize the image without pixelation?
(Just for clarification, i am using Gimp 2.8)

I had a similar problem with another image (the image size was 777 x 777) however, this is much different,

I took a picture of a old metal key i had lying around, and made the background (mostly) transparent (still leaving a shadow) however, i had to scale this down to the appropriate size for my game, but when i did that, it became all pixelated, (and i would like to maintain the same look of the image, despite the size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

- nopropsgames
What size image, in pixels, do you require for your game?

If possible can you post the image (the key) you are trying to scale.
24 x 24 pixels, here is a link to the image :
Sorry, but there is no way of getting that down to 24 x 24 pixels. Anything other than horizontal and vertical lines will be pixelated. A Yale key stands no chance.

You will have to be realistic when it comes to tiny icons. Either very-very simple or forget tiny and make larger.
Here is a simple demonstration:
I overlayed the key with a grid. Each square represents one pixel. You have got 24 pixels for the height of the key.

Now paint each square that covers the key, and delete the ones that dont.

How much of an accurate representation of the key do you get once you've done that ?


At 24 pixels, you need an icon, a symbolic representation of a key, that is easily indentifiable as a key.
Which means it wont have much detail.

I managed to scale it down enough though it is quite pixelated, i suppose it is at the very least "recognizable" (though, i sometimes mistake it for a chicken drumstick...)

Here is how it turned out :
only four days to respond, i wish i was that busy

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