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Layers and Toolbox dockable problem
I don't know how I did this, but my Toolbox and Layers got scrambled up, so I reset them to default. Now the Toolbox settings are in Layers and both Toolbox and layers are fixed (not dockable). The only fix I can think of is to uninstall and reinstall. Gimp 2.10.12.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

I found the answer! Somehow--not on purpose--I had it in "Single Window Mode"--I turned this off and now all is well!

Ooops--I spoke too soon! The brushes dialog is till in the Layers. How to move?

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As with most things Gimp, there are alternative ways.

Drag-n-Drop: a demo video here:
Gimp menu: All the docks have a little left pointing arrow which brings up a menu for adding / removing tabs. Add in one dock, remove in the other dock.



You can always reset Gimp to default arrangement. Use Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management as screenshot

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