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Linux Flatpak additions (official)
Some joy for linux flatpak users. (and some whinges from me)

Update your flatpak
flatpak update org.gimp.GIMP


Whinge no.1  - You get the Gimp manual. It is a big installation. Do I want it - no. I use either online or the pdf.

A list of the addons
flatpak install org.gimp


Very straight forward, select the one you want, (only one-at-a-time, you need to repeat the procedure for more) and it installs.

Whinge no.2 Resynthesizer for example, I remember installing that in an earlier flatpak with no problems at all, but it is welcome.
Whinge no.3 Again Resynthesizer, At best I use only two of the python plugins, heal-selection and occasionally heal-transparency. With this install you get the lot, 8 of them to clutter up the menu.
Whinge no.4 I want to remove the unwanted python plugins, go to Edit -> Preferences -> plug-ins. Where are they ?  It says  /app/.... Where ? I did find them eventually.

However, for all,of that,  the gmic plugin is there and for many linux Gimp 2.10.x users that is welcome.
How do I get that list of available packages?

when I enter
flatpak install org.gimp
 I get an error:

Quote:Error: REMOTE SOURCE and REFERENCE must be specified

I don't have  flatpak installed at the moment (just flatpak itself)
I'm on Linux Mint 19.2

Well, you know as much as me when it comes to flatpak. Smile

I ran one in my previous kubuntu 16.04  Found it too restrictive when I moved to kubuntu 18.04 but it might get used again when I eventually go onto kubuntu 20.04

Useful, everything-you-need-to-know here

I used that flatpak install org.gimp just because it produced an error and corrected me. A lazy way but I see if flatpak Gimp is not installed it is not going to work.

Using Mint 19


(1) I can try flatpak list to find what is installed - nothing in this case
(2) flatpak remotes shows I do have the flathub repo installed. A left over I once installed Gimp then uninstalled it.
(3) flatpak remote-ls lists what is available, an amazing amount, more than I thought.
(4) The listing. I will choose the Fourier plugin
(5) flatpak install flathub org.gimp.GIMP.Plugin.Fourier brings up a confirmation. Not much point since flatpak Gimp is not installed.

At the moment, I am using the Gimp 2.10.20 appimage which is working really well. I will stick with that until Gimp 3 then see what happens.
Thank you.
I've not decided yet which installation to take.
I guess I'll try out both flatpak and Appimage and see what suits me better.
I think if you decide to try the flatpak gimp, the link on the main page is the easiest way.

Appimage 2.10.20 is

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