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Loading .jxr with HDR colors
I've taken a few HDR screenshots with Windows Game Bar. They are in the .jxr file format. I can load them in Gimp but there's a message that the HDR colors will be flattened. Is there some way or something planned to load them with HDR support?

I'm looking all over the internet to find a way to convert .jxr to .avif format with HDR colors but so far I've found no (free) way to do that. Sad
Have you added a plug-in to GIMP to handle the jxr files as my GIMP 2.10.22 on Windows doesn't seem to recognize them? (although I can't find any examples to try)
There is a file-jxr plugin but it is 4 years old and for Gimp 2.8
Gives 8 bit conversions. This using linux I had a look around but nothing any better so far.

Again linux: a command line utility:

At least that gets a 16 bit tiff that opens in Gimp without that conversion warning:

.avif format ? I know that the linux flatpak Gimp 2.10.22 supports avif but do not have the flatpak installed on this computer.

Windows users: maybe run a linux in virtualbox
Thanks for the info... I've been using Gimp 2.10.22 and had installed file-type plugin for jxr. But yeah as mentioned they don't support HDR.

It's really strange to me that something to seemingly straight-forward like uploading a screenshot is so complicated.... I just hope .avif will get the wide-spread support that people say it will.

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