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Lock Text Box Format
Is it possible to lock the text box formatting so that when I copy and paste text from my notepad into the text box it doesn't change the formatting each time?

I work on advertisements for several car dealers and build out templates so I can just copy and paste new vehicle information into different text boxes and each box has it on formatting for colors and sizes. But when pasting new information into these boxes it keeps converting back to the original formatting of the text box instead of keeping my formatted changes.

20 Second Video Showing Issue
If you put your setting in the Tool Options (not that floating box), then save them (see button bottom of the box), each time you past your text when selecting the text tool, it will paste as it is in the Tool Options (color, font, letter's space, size everything...)

There are two ways to change the font in a text layer:
  • In the Tool options dialog: this is the default font for all the text in the layer
  • Using the on-canvas widget this is meant to change the font for specific parts of the text, by overriding the default font for the span of selected characters.
If you set the font for the whole text using the widget, then select everything and paste new text, the old text is deleted (together with its formatting) and the new text is added with the default font, since there is no overriding formatting. 

To avoid this, two options:
  • Set the font in the Tool options dialog instead of the widget. An additional benefit is that you can save this as a Tool preset (together with size, color, justification...)
  • Instead of bluntly replacing the whole text, insert your new text (which will then inherit the overriding formatting) and erase the old text around it.

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