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Lost trancparency when pasting PNG from browser?
Hi guys,
I'm having a quit annoying problem for a few days now. If i want to paste a transparent image from my browser (Firefox) into Gimp, the transparency gets lost and what used to be transparent is filled with black. I've tried to copy and paste another transparent PNG from a different browser, but still the same problem. Is there a simple way to solve this problem?

Greetings Karl

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It might be a Windows clipboard problem or might be the image itself.

Edit: Loss of transparency is mentioned in this bug report

Can you give the location for the image: water-drop-falling-illustration-by-vexels.png?

Using linux and Firefox: A search gives this
Which pastes (ctrl-v) into Gimp as a floating selection, as expected.
The floating selection promoted to a layer:

If you go to the vexel page then the options are paying for it or a link to a 'free' version. Is that the download you are using?

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