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Make every image exact same size
Hello gimp forums!

So I've had this idea for a painting for a while which will include 70 of my favorite albums/eps

Is there a way to make every image the same size cus of right now all of them are not and I think it will look more neat if they're perfectly lined up and the same size.

I'll attach a picture of how it looks

There are a couple of scripts that take several images and line up in rows and columns.

IGLO - see  never had much success with that one.

An old python plugin. This one no good for those small Win computers. The dialogue is too tall, although you should have no problem, your screenshot looks very impressive.

I have tweaked it a little to make it shorter, and again does not give a wonderful result. Give it a try, might crash, looks like this:

Attached, unzip, put in your plug-ins folder.

Otherwise, by hand and very tedious.

Scale the images to a constant width depending on the number of columns and paper size. 5 columns/A4 for example about 400 pix.

You can batch scale using BIMP see:

Open a new canvas (A4 for example) and open as layers the small images.
Turn visibility off except for first row make a selection for the width and use the other plugin in that zip to spread across the selection.

Merge visible to make a single layer. example

Then it is a multiple repeat with just 5 visible layers, spreading and merging until you build up all the rows. Then move around, by hand or with the plugin again.

Other applications: 
ImageMagick montage command
XNviewMP (and IrfanView I think) have a contactsheet type of filter.

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