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Making a batch of photos look scanned and photographed
Hello all
I am just writing as I have a batch of approximately 20,000 photos in png format. I would like to make it look like they've all been 1) scanned and then 2) been photographed.
Just writing to ask - does anyone know of any automated ways to do this?

I've used Batch GIMP to add different filters e.g. blur or rotation etc. My query is how to make the effects look like like and heterogenous across 20,000 different ECGs
Kind regards
What does mean ECG? is it electrocardiogram? Can you post 1 ECG for us to try something on it?
I do know BIMP and David's batch processor, but I'm not aware of "Batch GIMP", can you provide a link to test?

20 000 photos... I won't try with GIMP at first, I'll try with the few effect that propose XnConvert, if I can get something decent (anyway you just want to degrade pictures), or try one photo in GIMP simplify the process and try to reproduce it with XnConvert, then batch the 20 000 in XnConvert, just because speed wise, I don't want my computer computing for a day or more to batch 20 000 pictures in GIMP, when it can be done, maybe, in less than an hour with XnConvert.
XnConvert can use mask/superimposed picture, which allows a lot of things to do.

What is specific about being scanned and or photographed? At the images CGI and therefore "too perfect"?

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