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Menu Bar Question
Hi Folks
Have just reinstalled GIMP, and have a small issue I cannot find an answer to. When I open up a couple of images' as small image of the two pictures of that file appears up the top of the screen below the menu bar. If I close one of the images, "BOTH" of the small pictures disappear. Previously, if I close one the other remained open and could be closed on it's own when necessary. I find it is  a much easier way of closing the file instead of using the "File" menu. I am converting hundreds of 35mm slides to JPEG files and this take quite some time close them all after editing. What settings do I need to select to ensure only one of the images appear at a time.
Many Thanks

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I have been trying to duplicate this but I can't. Images close one at a time. I also tried (Image > Duplicate) and (View > New View) but even these close one at time.
Or are you perhaps referring to the thumbnail below the menu bar and the same thumbnail in the layers dialogue. If you close the image the layer will close too.
I think what happens to the OP is that these images are tabs to select the active image. When there is one single image they aren't necessary and they are removed to get more space to display the picture. OTOH only Gimp where there is only one image the tab remains, and I don't see anything in the options that could change this....
That is real weird, because before I reinstalled GIMP due to the "Exception Errors" when starting this is what I was doing.

In Windows Explorer, I would open "One" image from my Pictures folders by "Right Clicking" and select "Open with GNU Image Manipulation Program". This would open that "One" image in GIMP. I would carry out the necessary image corrections using the Clone Tool, adjust Brightness, Clarity etc and then Choose "Export" to export the file as a .jpeg. When it has been exported, I would then close the image by clicking on the "Thumbnail" image under the menu bar, to end up with a blank screen to open the next image to correct.
When you have a lot of these images to correct, it is much easier to close the current image in this manner instead of going via the "File / Close" process.
I cannot do that now. I only get more than one thumbnail when 2 or more images are opened?
I think it is the older version of Gimp 2.8 you ended up with, from memory there was a small change roundabout Gimp 2.8.10

A couple of options that might help

1. Ofnuts plugin see about 14 down
This will save the current image and open the next from an ordered set of files in a folder. (if you have that)

2. The plugin and
Use this one with care, it exports to the original file, marks it clean so it can be closed without the "save image" dialog. Leaving you to open the next image.
As well as the above there is sequential_processing.scm which goes through a folder of files according to file suffix. see:
Hey Rich
Tell me, now I have finally go GIMP up and running again albeit with a slightly older version. (refer my strings a few days back), do you reckon if I try and load 2.8.16 again it will have sorted itself out and will not present all the exception errors that I was getting a few days ago?
I honestly do not know. I am a little out of touch with day-to-day MS Windows (I use linux). It could be that your Trend AV has an issue with the recent Gimp release, which is Gimp 2.8.20 (2.8.16 is out-odf-date). It has happended before typically with Kaspersky AV.

It should be possible to 'whitelist' an application or an installer but a quick search and details are a little sketchy for Trend.

Maybe a starting point is see what is 'blacklisted'

Otherwise, try and see. Gimp is a very self contained application, thousands of files but very little in the Windows registry, mainly file associations and uninstall data.

Easy to remove and replace.

Hopefully a Windows user will be along with better advice.
Hi Again
I thought I would just follow up on my two queries (see Gazza posts) over the last few days. One being the errors on startup on Version 2.8.16 and the other being the menu bar/ thumbnail issue. 

To summarise ............. I have everything up and working exactly as it was by downloading a version of 2.8.16-6 from

I have no idea why my original program stopped working but after trying two other versions (the .exe files of which I had saved from some time back) the way I sorted the issue was to download a new copy of the installation files from the above site.

And ............. I have attached an image which shows that "One" thumbnail can be displayed when only one file is open. It makes life easy when shutting down that file. 

So ...... the moral of the story for me in future is to download from the web page mentioned above. Maybe this will help someone else who is having issues?

Thanks for your help Ofnuts / Rich ... appreciated.


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What happens it you try to update to 2.8.20 from the same site?

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