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My new gimp 2.10 has duplicate textures
After updating i have two pics of each texture showing.  Its annoying.  I dont know what file to delete so i only have one set.  Thank you
Hello, Human3.  It's possible you have the same individual pattern files in GIMP's two patterns folders:

... GIMP 2 > share > gimp > 2.0 > patterns
... AppData > Roaming > GIMP > 2.10 > patterns

When GIMP is installed it puts its provided default patterns in the share ... patterns folder.  I believe this folder's contents may be overwritten by a GIMP update.

Patterns you create for yourself or that you add yourself from other sources _should_ go into the Windows-invisible AppData ... patterns folder, which, I believe, is not affected by updates.  However, there's nothing to stop your putting either set of patterns into either or both folders.

With the caveat above about update overwriting, if you check both folders and find duplicates, you can discard whichever set or individual duplicates that you wish.  That should result in showing only single patterns again.
Ok thank you. I actually uninstalled it, delete what was left over and installed again.. I did find the paths you mentioned too. Thanks again for you help.

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