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Need Help with adding color
I have this pic of a race car that I want to change the color of the car, to get an idea what color to paint it.
Can anyone direct me to a tutorial that will help me accomplish this ?
The problem is the car is white with replacement body parts that are black.

All help is appreciated !

Here is the pic:

[Image: 123951-1.jpg]
I do not know of a tutorial and not really beginner stuff but try;

Use the path tool and
1. Trace around the car body
2. Trace around the black panel

3. Use the body path (path to selection) for layer masks

4. One for the colour layer (in multiply mode) and 5. one for the original image (in normal mode).

6. The other path - black panel - supplies a selection. 7. Use the curves tool to get some sort of match (hopefully) with the main body.

I got this (detached the docks for visibility).

[Image: UjkzGQ6.jpg]

Once that is satisfactory, paint in the colour layer mask to uncover the wheels and the window area.

For you to play with: 1.5MB Gimp .xcf.gz image

If you have a larger image use that. One of those things where larger is easier.
Thank You for your reply.
I'll give this a try and if successful will post up the result
Well as crude as it is, here is my end result.

[Image: RED-2.jpg]

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