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Need help importing SVG from Inkscape to GIMP
I'm having problems importing paths from Inkscape to GIMP. I've tried saving paths in Inkscape as both Inkscape SVG and plain SVG. When I open this saved SVG files as layers within an open GIMP file, the image appears, without nodes for editing. It's not recognized as a path.

I have discovered that either format remains editable if I open it as a new document in GIMP. However, all stroke parameters are stripped from the path. Stroke style and color import as a bitmap. If I alter the path, I must restroke in GIMP, hoping for the same effect.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to open this files as layers? Is there a way to retain stroke characteristics between apps?

Thanks in advance for any help.
If you do File>Open, the image is imported and fully rendered. If you don't forget to tick the "Import paths" options, the SVG vector data is also imported as Paths and can be found in the Paths list.

You can also create an empty image, right click the (possibly empty) Paths list and Import path and select a SVG. In that case you only get the SVG vectors as paths and nothing is rendered.

In both cases the paths are editable: select the path in the Paths list, start the Path tool and click anywhere on the path and this should put you in edit mode with the nodes displayed. But if you click too far, Gimp thinks you want to create a new path and you get a new path instead (and nothing in it).
Bingo! I had noticed the option to import paths when opening SVG files, but had not found that option to import paths via the Paths list. THANK YOU!

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