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Need help with stroke command
Hi all,

First post here.
I HAVE searched the forum, but haven't found an answer yet. I've searched the gimp documentation as well, but had no luck getting the result I'm looking for. So...
I've rotated (at arbitrary angles) a bunch of images in a collage.
I have set the layer boundary for each image to be a good 100 pixels or so from the 4 corners of that layer's image.
I then use the "Select by colour" tool (with a threshold of 255) to select just the non-transparent pixels from the layer.
I then choose Edit/Stroke Selection.
And this is where things get weird.
It appears that Gimp is applying the stroke in some kind of 'layer blend' mode not equal to 'normal'. The stroke gets applied, but it is not using the colour I have selected in the FG/BG colour swatch panel. I have selected white. But my stroke always comes out yellow, and it is NOT a solid yellow. It's blended with the pixel data from the layer.
How do I get a solid white stroke?
Thanks in advance!
I have tried to duplicate the problem, but I can't.

I have followed your instructions up to and including "I then choose Edit/Stroke Selection."
The stroke is a solid pure white.

There must be something else that I can't determine from your description.

Note: A better way to select non transparent pixels is to right click on the layer and select Alpha to Selection
Is that a GIF (or a color-indexed PNG)? (Title bar should contain "color-indexed")
OK, let's just put it down to a software glitch. Smile
Now, several days later, I open up Gimp, load the project, and the stroke command is performing exactly as I expected it to.
Thanks Blighty for your tip about 'alpha to selection'. Much appreciated,
Ofnuts, no, it's an RGB .xcf project.
The other possibility is here:

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