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Need help with uneven outline
Hi there. I know there's a way to even an uneven line that varies from i.e 1 to 3 pixels in thickness. Then you can make the line 2 pixels thick.
I can't for the life of me remember how I did that.
I remember I selected the uneven line(s), then did something to make them even. Not even sure if it was a plugin or a standard Gimp feature.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance
Honestly do not know from your description Wink

It could be a one pix line using the paint tool. That will introduce anti-aliasing into adjacent pixels.

Can be removed using the threshold tool - colours menu - but...

[Image: tDXBp8J.jpg]

really need more information.
Thank you, but I know it wasn't that.
I remember I used to do this with lineart vector sketch drawings where the lines varied between 10 pixels per line.
I used a tool to smoothen the line to have the same pixel thickness.
Sorry I'm horrible at explaining.
there is no vector sketching in Gimp

sounds a bit like Power Stroke in Inkscape or the Width Tool in Illustrator, or just basic pressure sensitive drawing, but once you export as a bitmap you cant change that anymore

you could possibly make a line thinner by applying the Dilate filter (thats under Generic in 2.10) several times, but the result is not very nice

- Select the line (Color select)
- Select>To path
- Select>from path
- Bucket-fill on new layer
Thanks, but I never said Gimp does vector.
And I don't draw vector, so I haven't really used Inkscape, but I'll look into it.
And the Dilate filter doesn't even out the line. Only makes it thinner, like you said. I am quite aware of that tool though.

@Ofnuts I'll try that. Thank you!
Not quite what I was looking for, but at least I can use it to make a line even and then use Dilate to thin it out.
(12-02-2018, 07:15 PM)CHJ85 Wrote: I remember I used to do this with lineart vector sketch drawings


(12-02-2018, 09:56 PM)CHJ85 Wrote: Thanks, but I never said Gimp does vector.
And I don't draw vector

so you didnt make these images you worked with yourself ?

did you apply a centerline trace perhaps ?

Right. But you misunderstood me.
I used to edit victor pics (.eps and .ai files) in Gimp.
Never said I did vector in Gimp.
Any idea, guys?
Does anyone have a clue?
It's very annoying I can't remember how I did this.
And I cannot believe it's this complicated.
You would think it's a pretty common thing a lot of people need to straighten up uneven lines.
When I google, people suggest all sorts of nonsense like using the blur tool, then sharpen and then ink it with Cartoon afterwards.
For starters, that doesn't give a good result and might even mess the sketch up even more. Secondly, the way I used to do this was way simpler.
The way I used to do it I believe was a 3rd party plugin. It would calculate the pixel difference. So for instance if the uneven lines differed between 1 and 5 px, it would convert it into a 3 pxs.

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