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Need the old Gimp.. Please...
Running Linux Mint Mate 20 in an HP Elite Notebook that I got out of the garbage.. It has a touch screen, oh yay..
  I just uninstalled the new Gimp I got from Synaptic.. The one that has everything in one window, is way too gaudy and cluttered.. I suppose it's made for you supermen perfessionals.. I ain't uh perfessional.. don't want to be.. up hear in duh mowntains we dont git much o dat dar supahero edgimukashun larnin lik yer stonch snootie heroburger citee foks do.. 
Weza mostlee as dum as uh skwisht grashopuh on uh rok in duh rane.. 

  I love the old Gimp that has the three little windows, so I can close the right window, and make Gimp be small on the screen, so I can have several pix files of these cutie bare bum young ladies up on the screen that I'm working on editing making em prettier.. I have been through all the older version web pages, and have been downloading from here there and everywhere..  I get archive thingys that don't install but give a useless pretty list of crap stuff.. I get the same new one window cluttered crazy Gimp everywhere I download it.. I am forever downloading, installing, uninstalling, deleting downloads, searching searching searching on the Net..  What ever happened to the good ole real Gimp?..   

  There should be a double user option in synaptic to install the old Gimp or the new Gimp..

(non-relevant text deleted)

I'm just trying to find an old version of Gimp that installs without me needing to waste my life learning how to do computer programming and code and all that crap.. I know the off'n on buttons, and usb's, and gmail, and YouTube, and passwords, and mp3's, and mouse clicky stuff, and charge the battery, and how to use the old Gimp... Where can I find a simple download of the old Gimp that installs after you downloads it like things were before the world went all crazy and suicidal..?
Just unset "Windows > Single window mode" in 2.10 to get back to the multi-window UI.

Seriously, 2.10 is a giant step ahead in usability (because many filters are applied directly on the canvas, not in a small preview window) and correctness (processing on "linear" data, not gamma-corrected), that there is no good reason to say with 2.8. Some defaults have changed (like the multi-window UI) but there are ways to get back to the previous behavior. Just ask here.
Well if you like the old Gimp and Linux so much you can recompile your own from the tarballs. And perhaps just find an old .DEB.
(12-28-2023, 10:08 PM)Blitz Wrote: Thanks..

I still can't get an old Gimp working in this notebook.. I spose I just haf to give up...

Hey! I have a couple 100 old Linux ISO CD's with old Gimp in them.. Is there any way to pull out an old Gimp from an old OS ISO installer CD..?

Yes, just look for a .DEB or .RPM.
And I thought I was paranoid... Big Grin

Anyway, I did made a topic for older GIMP version > if you're interested in
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