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New User - Adding snow to a scene ???
Hi, I am a new user to Gimp because my wife spoke to someone in her art group who said Gimp 2 could be used to add snow to a photo or scanned artwork.

I have looked around Gimp (there's a lot in it!) and cannot find any suggestion to do what she suggests. I have done some tutorials, all very interesting but not addresses what she wants to do.

Is she barking up the wrong tree?
Many thanks, Brian
You could try the gmic plugin from If using Gimp 2.8 get the correct version and read the pop up explanation of possible installation issues. eg. No such problem with Gimp 2.10

Looks like this: play around with the slider settings

There are others, this one for example creates an anmation

Another way is using a brush these are a pair of animated brushes (the brush varies slightly as you paint), vary the brush size, paint in the image.
There is a 'quick and dirty' way to add/restore an 'it's snowing now' effect to an image:
1. add a layer over your picture and fill it with white
2. put the layer mode to 'dissolve' and decrease the opacity to around 3-8 (almost transparent), and now play with it:
3. shift-click the eye in the layers dialog to make it the only visible layer, Edit-->Copy Visible, undo the change, hide the added white layer and Edit-->Paste as...--> New layer in place. That gives the identical effect in normal mode, so that one can
  • blur a little to made the flakes less sharp
  • apply a motion blur to get a blizzard effect
  • enlarge the flakes scaling up the whole layer
  • delete/decrease visibility over people's faces...
Quite simple, quick and customisable.
Thanks for those replies, I will experiment and see if it is what my wife is looking for.

A very simple way to add snow to a scene for a beginner might be the G'MIC Bokeh filter.
Just change all the colours to white, decrease the Radius and increase Density.


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