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New user frustrations
Hello all, and thanks in advance.
I am new to using GIMP and having some frustrations that I cannot overcome. I have used photoshop in the past so am somewhat familiar with the general functions of GIMP, but here are my issues

I am trying to create labels for products I am manufacturing. I want the finished image to have a transparent background so I can print on colored paper.
1) How can I select all layers (at once) to copy and paste into label template?
2) When I paste the text layer into template, the font quality decreases dramatically. How do I increase richness of text?

Thank you
Usually ex-PS users need to un-learn their PS workflow. Are you using any of your old PS files? They can cause problems in Gimp, usually graphics are ok but any text will be flattened (no longer editable)

What size is the label and what ppi is it ? That affects quality. You do not actually need transparency for printing. White works, there is no white printer ink but you can use a transparent layer if you want.

There are various ways and copy-paste is not the best way. Again you might be losing the text property doing that. A Gimp text layer is one with the T in it.

One way is save the label content as a Gimp .xcf All the layers are retained then open that File -> Open as layers in the label template.

If I was doing this I would probably drag-n-drop from content image into template image. Use a layer group for the content something like this:
Hi rich2005. Yeah, learned quickly what I could remember about PS wasn't helping me :Big Grin No old files used. Everything is from scratch. I think I will try flattening the image and C/P to template. Forgot about the "No white ink" thing. The label is 4"x2" and I am now working at 300 dpi. That seems to have helped some of my text.
Something I just noticed in the text tools is "Hinting". It has "None/Full". Was getting ready to play with that. Any recommendations? 

Hinting is supposed to improve the rendering of small text. It is try and see. It has been pointed out to the Gimp developers that Gimp 2.10, text 16 pix and below is noticeably lighter than the earlier Gimp 2.8 Apparently not much can be done. If too faint try duplicating the text layer to make denser. example


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