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No library folder in Preferences v2/10.4 Mac OS 10.13.6
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum so apologies in advance.

I have no Library Folder in my Preferences (! trust me, I'm sure I've looked carefully) and I wish to import my Mac fonts from its Library folder.  How do I re-instsate the Gimp Folder.  I'm not a 'coder' or deeply software literate (but am a hands-on Mac user for countless years) so an idiots guide would be most appreciated.
Very-very few Mac users visit this forum, but it might help if you give the source of the Gimp you use. or Partha or maybe an old one from and they all seem to use a different Gimp profile

Might/might not be something like /Users/MyName/Library/Application Support/Gimp/2.10/fonts

that is an old one and you say you do not have that Library entry.

You could ask on the pixlus forum a few OSX users there. Give all the details OSX version, Gimp 2.10 but from where?

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