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Option to display rgb 0-255 instead of %
I understand that greater than 8 bits per channel the values will be much more than 0-255.

But I'm working with a program that is requesting RGB 0-255 values.  The problem for me is if I am in 8 bit precision, then it is a hassle to constantly convert 0-100% to 0-255.

Is there an option somewhere to change the display to 0-255 instead of 0-100?

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I think the developers have gone a bit over-the-top with all the color/layer mode options. Nothing obvious in the preferences. A very vague memory of something about 0-255 versus 0-100% That could have been the color-picker tool where the info box has both options, but that does not help with the FG/BG color selector.

I had a good search around and nothing that I could find.

Best I can suggest is use the HTML notation which is a little quicker than individual RGB entry. 
Using an external converter, you might have a favourite, attached a bash script (remember to unzip it) that runs in a terminal.
Obviously, no good if using Windows Wink
I have this in usr/bin Maybe there is a similar Gimp plugin/script somewhere, I do not know.

[Image: bcgHbNC.jpg]

Have an RGB value, copy & paste into HTML notation
Want percentage colours to RGB - use HTML value to RGB

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Ok thanks that is better than me using the calculator

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