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PSD files are exported but stretched
I have encountered a problem with exporting .psd files.  I have just uninstalled and reinstalled GIMP because I knew that the export worked before.  Now, after the reinstall, the first export to psd worked perfectly.  When I tried the second time, it exported, but when I loaded it back in it was scaled too wide.  I noticed this when I tried to use a GIMP exported psd file in ACES Image Tool.  It would not load in.  Instead, the tool just went away.  I have ways of working around this problem but maybe it's a bug in the add-on.

Thanks in advance for any comment made about this issue.

Frank Huh
ACES Image Tool ? A bit of a search and are these psd files connected to MS Flight Simulator ?


Quote:...but when I loaded it back in it was scaled too wide..

How is it scaled too wide? Is the actual width in pixels increased or are the pixel resolutions different ? You can see both of those in Image -> Image Properties

A couple of FS .psd files I just downloaded were 1024x1024 (or multiple) pix with many layers. Did you Open -> do nothing -> Export as a .psd and find the problem of size.
Did you do any editing between loading and export ?

I can not find anything at the moment that causes a change in size. Maybe moving a layer a little causing an off-set ?Can you give details of your work-flow.

There have been changes in the latest Gimp 2.10.20 and .psd , more support for higher bit depth. If you know that an earlier Gimp works for you the why not revert to that version.

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