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Paths tool/Move tool not working. 2.10.8
The move tool stopped working for me,  I clicked it and when I moved my mouse to the work area it would only show the Paths tool,  which worked fine.  Clicking the Paths tool also worked,  I just didn't have the move tool.
I played around trying clicking with combinations of Ctrl/Alt/Shift and got the Move tool working but the Paths tool now refuses to work.  All other tools work fine.

Tried reloading 2.10.8,  tried going back to 2.10.6 all with no success.  I can live without the Paths tool as there are other (kind of) alternatives, but the Move tool is essential.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
Hi Rohugh. By your explanation it seem that you have the "Move tool" on the wrong move option. There is three options on the the Move tool: Layer, Selection and Path. If you click on the Canvas and the "Path tool" shows, I'm sure you have the third option "Path", just check the th first option "Layer". When you are using the Path tool, and you want to move all the Paths connected, you can use the move Path option. The one in the middle is to Move a Selection. I hope this help.

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Quote:...Tried reloading 2.10.8, tried going back to 2.10.6 all with no success.

Just a note to all Windows users who re-install all/everything at the drop-of-a-hat.

Gimp (all versions) keeps the settings in a Gimp profile folder. For Windows and Gimp 2.10 it is: C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10

If you have/had Gimp 2.8 then there is C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8

This does not get removed when Gimp is un-installed or re-installed. The settings that are in force remain. see:

Trouble with tools: First thing to try is Edit -> Preferences -> Tool Options and click Reset Saved Tool Options to Default Values

If that does not work then the Full Monty:
- If you still have a Gimp 2.8 profile, disable by renaming
- Disable the existing Gimp 2.10 profile by renaming.
- Run Gimp 2.10 and it will make a new default basic Gimp profile.
- Move resources scripts / plugins / brushes / fonts (slowly, testing as you go) from the old saved profiles to the new one.

Go one step further, Set Gimp 2.10 up the way you want it, then in Edit -> Preferences, the three sections Tool Options / Window Management / Input Devices, each have a tick box Save xxx on Exit untick and click Save xxx Now
When finished all of that OK to leave preferences & save.

also see:
Thanks for your replies, and thank you Pocholo for the solution, you were right. I am a happy camper again. Smile

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