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Saw something about this in here but cannot find anything now Sad 
I downloaded ufraw so I could work on raw photos as well as jpgs, the program has a link in it to open up in gimp but nothing happens when I click on it. Saw there was some trouble with it so I downloaded the nufraw, says it can be used as a plugin to gimp?
Where do I put it? it is a 'tar.gz' file Huh
tar.gz is a kind of zip file and needs to be unpacked. I use 7-zip for this.
targ.gz can be anything, and it is very likely the program's source code which would be of little use to SallyAnne.

On SourceForge all I see prepackaged are .deb's (installation packages for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint).


There are many free RAW-processing apps, including RawTherapee, Darktable and (IIRC) Photozone (which also has a Gimp plugin version, which is available from partha's site).

Now, there is not point using such apps if you are going to use all defaults (because your camera can do the same). These apps are intended to let you do serious post-processing. This takes time. You may even want to "correct" it later. Or you want to produce several images using different processing options, and blend them later in Gimp.

When you use these apps as Gimp plug-ins they are glorified file-open dialogs: you don't see your image in Gimp until you are completely done with them, and once you are in Gimp, you can't go back. So the Gimp plugin option is of little value, using a stand-alone application and exporting to TIFF or some high quality JPEG for the finishing touches in Gimp is very often a better option.
@Sallyanne, I have a vague memory that you might be using a 32 bit Windows - is that correct? It does not really matter, 32 bit applications work in 64 bit Win if 64 bit is not available. (but not the other way round)

I have been using Nufraw in linux for a while now with Gimp 2.9.5, I do not take many RAW images so my requirements are simple, get the image into Gimp as easily as possible.

As ofnuts wrote, you have the source code. That compiles easily in linux, 2 files, one the gimp plugin, the other a standalone application. Windows gets the same but with a lot more 'junk' in the way of dll files Wink

The only windows version of nufraw I have seen is the 32 bit version here: It is for Gimp 2.9 so the plugin does not work in Gimp 2.8 but you can use the standalone. Un-zip, run the batch file, get this. screeenshot: Win7 32bit

What does not work is the sent-to-gimp option. Save as a 8bit jpeg or a 16 bit tif to open in Gimp. Of course if you do not have a Gimp 2.9 then only 8 bit for Gimp 2.8

Alternatives: Rawtherapee 32/64 bit versions available and it is an installer. Much more comprehensive, horrible black theme that kills my eyes, but it does sent to Gimp, just edit the preferences. screenshot:
Thanks for your answers. :Smile
Just found out where I was reading about it. (On parthas page/blog)
I have used LightZone for opening Raw and converting it, which is a standalone program.
I don't take any myself but do a little  photo retouching in a site where they post Raws to be used Smile
Was hoping I could get it to Gimp easier

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