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Print dialog box too large
hi all,

HELP  Huh  please..

When i go to print an image the print dialog box is too large (and mostly empty) and i cannot see the options at the bottom, presumably print and cancel. The Dialog box is too big and i cannot click and drag it enough to see these options. How can i change the size of the box?


Is it this?
The bit that is missing is the 'Ignore Page Margins' radio button.
A result of the dire Dark / Grey / Light modern themes


Go into Edit -> Preferences -> Themes and enable the System theme.

or something else ? Print and cancel should not be missing. Post a screenshot
Thanks so much, yes i was using the dark theme, changed to system as suggested, problem solved.

cheers Oz
Why don't you just increase the size by dragging a corner?
(07-22-2021, 06:37 PM)PixLab Wrote: Why don't you just increase the size by dragging a corner?

Why ?  Maybe because the Windoze Gimp print plugin has not been updated from Gimp 2.4 days. The dialog does not adjust and the dark theme cuts the bottom off hiding the "Ignore Page Margins toggle". Also missing the  'Draw Crop Marks' toggle (came in with Gimp 2.8 I think).

Edit: Looking at what is possible.
This is the Windows Gimp 2.8 print dialogue: Both margins and crop marks show. Note the shortcuts Alt-M for margins and Alt-D for crop marks.
These toggles still work in Gimp 2.10 even if not visible in the dialogue: Printed this to a PDF . showing crop marks.
Little wonder the advice to Windows users, is often, try some other application for printing.
Thank you rich2005 for the explanations, I thought we got all the same print plugin

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