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Problem with Text Tool
Tears of frustration without the Text Tool on my newly updated 2.8.6 version of Gimp (PC Windows 8.1)...  I've searched the internet, followed the video tutorials, searched and read the related forum threads that I could find but cannot get my text tool to work properly...

...the dialogue box states font size as 28... I click on the text tool in the tool box ("A") and drag a rectangle on the new blank canvas, click the cursor inside the rectangle and start typing...HOWEVER, the text appearing in the rectangle is microscopic...I can see that the color I picked is red and assume that the font etc. is correct but I cannot enlarge the print from the dialogue box...whatever I modify in the menu/ dialogue boxes (e.g. size) does not change anything!

I've checked the layers and experimented with everything I can think of to no avail. (I had the same problem with an earlier version of Gimp and downloaded what I thought was the latest version but did not uninstall the earlier one...maybe this was a mistake???)    Any suggestions?  Anyone?  Thanks!      -yawni
You say size is 28 - is that 28 pixels? That is small if your image is large.

See the image below (2.8.22):

1) is used to change the size of all the text
2) is used to change the size of selected text

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Blighty, thanks for the clarification.

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