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Problems when using a drawing tablet
Hi, I bought a used drawing tablet from Wacom (Bamboo Fun) and installed the latest drivers. 
The tablet is not recognized as an input device in Gimp 2.10. Accordingly there are problems when using various tools in Gimp. So I ordered a brand new tablet from Amazon (Gaemon), because it is explicitly identified as Mac and Gimp compatible. Also this tablet does not appear as input device. I opened Gimp with and without a pen. Without result. Anybody got a hint?

Translated with (free version)
Very few active OSX users on this forum and probably fewer who also use a Gaemon graphics tablet.

There is some information here:
I have the same problem, my tablet is xp-pen star g430s (link to ad removed - rich) does anyone can help me, I want to use it with gimp for photo editing.
Quote:...I want to use it with gimp for photo editing.

What exactly is the problem ?

Do you have the linux drivers installed from ? Both deb and rpm versions bottom of page. Nice to see some linux support.

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