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Python2 Gimp AppImages for Ubuntu Jammy and Focal
By reading your comment about Ubuntu 22.04,
- from what I see with 22.04 that is even more of a PITA.
- Ubuntu has become a mid-level OS with Xubuntu, Mate, Mint etc using it's repos. Maybe I should be using Debian
- I was considering upgrading to 22.04 The more I see of it, I think I might just leave to for another year or so... beginning to hate ubuntu

Yeah... Asking myself the same questions (still on Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 as the software updater will propose the upgrade around August or September)

Anyway, for what is worth... just my 2 cents.
it's been 2 years (may be more) that my kids' computers are on MX Linux (before they were like me on Ubuntu-MATE), I like this MX distro, A LOT, and slowly preparing my transition from Ubuntu-MATE to MX Linux.
I said slowly, I'm a "long" exclusive user of Ubuntu-MATE, from 16.04 to nowadays (20.04) Upgrading around August every 2 years, never formatted my drive, so there are a lot of things on it.... and it's still hyper stable and fast.
Again, yeah I said slowly, just thinking of the next 2-3 days after installing MX, downloading/installing all the software, configuring them, setting things up to my own taste and so on and on, made me already tired Big Grin

What I like on MX Linux ➤ no snaps, also you're not forced to use the huge flatpak as there is also the "popular repo / stable repo / MX test repo / Debian backport" tabs in the MX package installer or even directly on the debian website, you can import a PPA similarly as Ubuntu (the code to copy and paste in terminal is just a bit longer Big Grin ). and you can have the MATE desktop as well in just one click (even more choices of DE, log out ➤ chose your DE ➤ log in, that's so cool), anyway now seeing and "practicing" Xfce for more than 2 years with my kids, I really like it Big Grin
In all case what is so cool with Linux, you don't like one distro... +hundred are waiting you Big Grin
Quote:your appimage to easily add python support is a great addition and much appreciated.
Thanks Rich. It fills a niche and doesn't re-invent the wheel Smile

Good to read your comment PixLab. I've been using Linux for over 20 years and have been fascinated by Unix for longer. I see Unix as a house with many rooms and you have access to all of them.

I usually put my home folder on a separate partition (/home/user). Then if I reformat or change operating systems I still have what I was working on. I stick to Long Term Support and pass anything that is under development. The Ubuntu LTS upgrade process is usually flawless but I wish Ubuntu would not change the name of library files. (every Linux OS personalizes something Smile
It's amazing how you can move a Linux hard drive to another computer and just carry on using it. This 'dual-boot' has 2 hdd's and I swap the sata cables

I installed Firefox from a deb file and by-passed snap on this jammy box. Loads much faster.

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