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RGB as Integer instead of Decimal
Just recently updated my Ubuntu system to 18.04 and with that came repository changes and GiMP 2.10.8. And sorry to say, I have complaints.

First, every time I click on Foreground Color to get the color picker, I have to always switch from "0..100" to "0..255". The setting just won't stick, and I haven't found any options to make that permanent.

Second, when I load an image that is 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA (0.255 integer per byte and not 32-bit Floating Point Color Profile) and want to see the value of the color, I always get a decimal point, even in the "0..255" (R:134.9), and I haven't found any options to change that.

At least, I have looked through the Preferences and Menu options, and while I see something labeled precision, nothing seemed to help.
To see the value of a pixel, use the Pointer dialog. One of the choice is "pixel" and will show you the RGB values as 0...255 integers in a 8-bit image.

This said, there are many advantages to higher precisions so you have to become familiar with the percent notation.
The problem with the Pointer dialogue is that the information disappears the moment I move the mouse or tab off to where I want to set this color.

As a programmer and game modder, Decimal RGB (or percentage) has no place for me by default. The only time I'd probably use that is if I was making a very detailed landscape texture, but even then a BMP or TGA only does 24/32-bit integer (last I heard).

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