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Re-instating missing plugins in 2.10
Some plugins available in previous Gimp versions are considered "deprecated" and can no longer be reached via the menus (the simple sharpen for instance), very often because there are better alternatives.

But you may have grown accustomed to the old ways...

In many (most?)  cases, these plug-ins have been kept (because they could be called by scripts).

For occasional uses you can get find the plug-in by entering "/" in the image window. This will open a search window, in which you start typing the name of the filter you are looking for: s-h-a-r... until the name of the searched plug-in appears. You then double-click the plug-in to start it. 

But if you are an aficionado and use it often, you would like to access it more quickly. There are two ways:

1) You can still add a shorcut for it using Edit>Keyboard shortcut.

2) You can even put it back in the menus:

Find your Gimp profile, and edit the pluginrc file with a decent text editor (that means not Windows Notepad Smile):
  • locate the menu label of the plug-in: Sharpen...
  • replace the 0 in the next line by 1
  • under that line insert the menu/submenu where the menu label should be added: (menu-path "<Image>/Filters/Enhance")
So the file should look like:

(plug-in-def "${gimp_plug_in_dir}/plug-ins/sharpen/sharpen" 0
    (proc-def "plug-in-sharpen" 1
         "Make image sharper (less powerful than Unsharp Mask)"
         "This plug-in selectively performs a convolution filter on an image."
         "Michael Sweet <>"
         "Copyright 1997-1998 by Michael Sweet"
         "1.4.2 - 3 June 1998"
        (menu-path "<Image>/Filters/Enhance")
        (icon icon-name -1 "")
         "RGB*, GRAY*"
         4 0
        (proc-arg 0 "run-mode" "The run mode { RUN-INTERACTIVE (0), RUN-NONINTERACTIVE (1) }")
        (proc-arg 13 "image" "Input image")
        (proc-arg 16 "drawable" "Input drawable")
        (proc-arg 0 "percent" "Percent sharpening (default = 10)")))

If you make a mistake that makes the file in-understandable by Gimp (typically, unbalanced quotes or parentheses), don't worry, Gimp will just erase it and recreate that file from scratch, which should reconstruct exactly the version that worked before you edited it).

This will even survive changes in other plugins that would cause the pluginrc file to be updated.

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