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Real pic into an anime/cartoon one
Hey guys , 
[Image: q7MBs09]

I wanna put my ugly self on a simpsons pic and an anime one and i want to change my colours so that it looks like am really in the cartoon. Not draw myself from scratch . Just edit the real pic to have the colours and the filter of a cartoon one.

I messed around with the colours and the filters but i dont have the experience to achieve the outcome i want , so i thought of asking for some help .

This is an example of a pic i wanna mess around with.

Thanks in advance ^^
First the image "q7MBs09" is just the same room scene as the later imgur

Some things to consider first.
That room scene is quite small 624x352 pix so any photo of yourself will have to be scaled down accordingly. It is not going to be wonderful.
Need transparency so add an alpha channel and the background has to be removed.
The orientation has to roughly be the same as the room scene. And that is isometric, 30 deg off horizontal.

You might have something like this, Scaled down after a bit of measuring, erased the background but facing the wrong way. Flipped the image to correct.

There are several cartoon-ish filters around. Gimp has one in Filters -> Artistic but I used one from the gmic plugin Note there is a separate version of gmic plugin for the Gimp 2.8 you are using.

Once happy with the cartoon effect. Copy - Paste into the room. Move around. Anchor floating when finished.
You didnt have to give me a detailed guide i know most of the stuff but thanks anyway . It was very kind of you . This plug in might be a great help . I'll start trying things and see where i end up.

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