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Request for script - Guillotine + Watermark
Hi everyone,

I perform a very repetitive task which I would like to automate.

I have a lot of PDF files, that I need to cut in pieces, watermark them (based on name of source file) and then save them back as PDF. For example

This is the source file called Sample.PDF (attached)

.pdf   sample.pdf (Size: 255.98 KB / Downloads: 267)

I insert 2 horizontal guides to divide the file in three areas (the guides are always horizontal). They location and number of the guides varies from file to file.

Then I use the Guillotine tool to split the file in 3 files. Each of these files have to be watermarked at the bottom as Sample_00, Sample_01, Sample_02 and saved as Sample_00.pdf, Sample_01.pdf and Sample_02.pdf respectively (attached).

.pdf   sample_00.pdf (Size: 200.14 KB / Downloads: 44)

.pdf   sample_01.pdf (Size: 48.52 KB / Downloads: 43)

.pdf   sample_02.pdf (Size: 48.64 KB / Downloads: 38)

I am not fussed about the naming format as long as it starts with the name of the source file and ends with a sequence number.

I have been trying to automate the following steps
1. Run Guillotine
2. Add watermark (format eg Sample_nn) near the middle bottom of the page generated by guillotine
3. Save files as Sample_nn.pdf in the same directory as the source file.

I am afraid I don't enough Scricpt-Fu or Pyton-Fu to be able to do it. Could any one of you assist please? Much appreciate your help !

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