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I'm using Gimp 2.10.14 in Windows and Ubuntu 18.04.

I am easily able to place the resynthesizer plugins into the proper plugin directory in Windows, and all the filters work fine.

Can someone explain to me why it isn't that simple in Linux, and why ?

Had trouble with Gmic as well, but after removing and purging snap and distribution installs I was able to get it working by installing both Gimp and Gmic via apt-get.

Resynthesizer via apt-get added some but not all functionality of the resynthesizer plugins namely the heal-selection filter is missing.

Again, same version of Gimp in both operating systems so why isn't as easy to facilitate the usage of these scripts in Linux..

Because in Ubuntu, someone suddenly made the Gimp python support optional. If you have it, there is a Python-fu entry near the bottom of the Filters menu, and a few things that use Python script start working. Make sure you installed the gimp-python package from the repo.

If I knew it was only that simple. I can't tell you how many websites, threads and posts I've combed through followed by endless trials without success.....

I did the install of Gimp-python you mentioned, opened Gimp and voila.....

Thank you SO much...

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