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Scale tool no longer has pop up or options?
I am trying to scale something to a specific size (X pixels by X pixels).

I've been using gimp for years and only yesterday upgraded to the latest stable 2.10 version, and a lot of things are different, so sorry for the "newbie" question even though I'm not new to gimp. What I am used to is that when you select the scale tool and click on the object/layer you want to scale, a pop-up dialog opens, with options such as lock aspect ratio, but most importantly a box where you can type specifically how many pixels high or wide you want to scale the selected object to.

In the new version I'm using, there is nothing like this and no pop up whatsoever. The only options under the toolbox are to lock aspect (shift) which does not help me. I need to scale it to a specific number of pixels, and I cannot do this by dragging and guessing, it's impossible.

Please could someone tell me how I do this in the new version. Example, I need the object selected to be exactly 800 pixels in width. How do I scale it to this specific width. I can't figure it out in this new interface at all.
Try clicking on the layer, you should find the dialog appears:
(06-15-2018, 02:55 PM)Kevin Wrote: Try clicking on the layer, you should find the dialog appears:

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm clicking on the object / layer I want to size. I can drag the corners and resize freehand but there is no dialog box appearing. I've tried clicking on the layer in the actual layer toolbar if that's what you mean? but that doesn't do anything beyond just selecting which layer I'm on.

I've left an attachment so you can see that as an example, all it lets me do is freehand scaling, there is no dialog box.

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Some of this was moved to an on-canvas popup:


This popup can also become a true independent window, and so be off-screen for some reason.
A quick bit of experimenting, I can make the on-canvas dialog disappear and not return.

I edited the sessionrc file, setting the position to something stupid and started GIMP:
(session-info "toplevel"
    (factory-entry "gimp-scale-tool-dialog")
    (position 1000 67))

No dialog visible. Close GIMP and set it to (position 0 67) and re-start GIMP - it puts the dialog back in the top right of the visible canvas.

Edit: And now I can't repeat it.

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