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Script OCR Image (Tesseract OCR engine )
Script for OCR text (Balloon Text)

This script allows you to perform text recognition of the text balloons of an image, it also allows you to translate the text using Google Translator.
It can be translated from any language, Japanese, Korean, Chinese to English, Spanish. Russian.
Use the Engine Tesseract (CaptureText), to recognize the text.
It can be used for multiple images at once,


Videos Youtube

Only Scripts

.zip   OCRForBalloonsText Only (Size: 85.54 KB / Downloads: 19)

all Files necessary waifu2x,engine tesseract,tessdata, 86_Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (480 MB)

Include other scripts

Script for change size, color the text.
Script for scale with Waifu2x
Script for create group layer
Script for save your selection as paths
Script for remove layers

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