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Scripting GEGL operations
(06-03-2020, 10:24 AM)Kevin Wrote: Thank you rich2005
I was hoping Ofnuts for code advice and tmanni as the "Resident GEGL Expert" might have commented.

So I'll save this up for the next time someone asks if a GEGL operation is scriptable.

Been a bit too busy these days to look at these things with enough dedication to make worthwhile remarks or improvements. But you aren't forgotten.
This went a step further over on GimpChat:
A GEGL utility that comes from the Windows samj portable Gimp 2.10

This uses the GEGL executable, for Windows gegl.exe which comes with samj Gimp 2.10 and for linux gegl can be installed from the linux repo.

Trivial example: Gimp 2.10.20 / kubuntu 18.04  using two GEGL operations newsprint and engrave in the same command line.


Only strangeness I can see is GEGL writes both original file and modified file to your home folder
This broke in Gimp 2.10.32 and I was using it to automate with BIMP to get GMIC and GEGL together with my custom filters.

Please @kevin or anybody can you work on fixing this
I was able to call my third party GEGL plugins using this tool until I switched their name space from "gegl:" to my own "lb:" name space. 

 Gimp's team instructed me to use any namespace except "gimp" "svg" and gegl". This tool can only call the GEGL name spaces. It would be nice if it was updated so it could call custom GEGL plugin name spaces and gimp: name spaces. This is really important for the future of GEGL, please consider.

Learn more about GEGL name spaces here.

Also, this post is about another topic entirely but my GEGL Effects plugin use to have a conflict with this plugin. It has been 100% resolved and the two can work together.

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