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Setting-Steps for enlarging and reducing brushes
Hello folks,

I use the shortcuts ALT GR-[ and ALT GR-] (WIN) for enlarging and reducing brushes of all kinds.

Unfortunately, the whole thing happens in 1 pixel steps. I would like to change this and increase it to 3 to maybe 5 pixels. Can I put this anywhere?

I searched in vain in the preferences.

Thank you

PS: I use Gimp 2.10 RC1 if this is important for the matter.
Edit>Keyboard shortcuts, and search for "increase" (and decrease). "]" is connected to increase-value-2, but you can reassign it to increase-value-2-more (same for decrease). Or you keep it that way and use the already defined  shift-']' when you want to go faster.

You can also attach this to your mouse wheel (Ctrl-Shift-wheel for me).
Ah now I have found the settings. Thank you. Everything works out fine!

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