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Some plugins based on machine learning for Gimp
It used to be called AI, now it"s machine-learning. Some applicationd to image processing with Gimp.

Demo video (warning, somewhat nausea-inducing):


  • Very experimental (read: just for the geeks among you, if you struggle installing a script look elsewhere)
  • Linux and OSX only for the time being
  • 2GB download (1.1GBML data, about 800MB of Python extensions)
  • Zero doc for the time being beyond the project's home page and a few demo videos

My own tries with the deblur:

Before: Picking  a picture where the inaccurate focus competes with some unskilled-panning-induced motion blur (a rather frequent occurrence in y collections)


After: Some parts (markings) are clearly less blurry. Plus it was a trick picture given that the propeller is blurry (if it isn't, it seems that the plane's engine has stalled).


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