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Stitching images seamless animation
(01-09-2021, 05:21 PM)doodle Wrote: I was just wondering since you know gimp. How did you make those textures in the vid?

Used your posted image and cut up into 256 x 256 tiles. They could have been anything that showed order (hence the numbers)

To be honest I do not know how you are making the animation from 256x256 tiles assembled into a larger image Wink
However looking at your example, it looks to me like a normal map.

You might get a single tile this way
In a blank canvas apply Solid Noise  Filters -> Noise -> Solid Noise
Use Filters -> Generic -> Normal Map    example:

These are GEGL procedures and while very nice for on screen display not that easy to automate

The parameters are given here and

It is possible to combine them on a blank canvas using Filters -> Generic -> GEGL Graph.. with an entry such as
noise-solid x-size=15 y-size=16 tileable=TRUE seed=200
normal-map scale=15 tileable=TRUE
...and change values (especially seed)  in the 'pipeline', to give different versions


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