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Surface Pen on Surface Go
If this is answered already, please share the thread with me.  I have tried different keywords in the search and the threads that popped up haven't been my issue or didn't help.

I am trying to get my surface pen to show up as an input device in Gimp on my Surface Go.  So far it's not even listed in the list of input controllers let alone devices.  It works fine in sketchbook and everything else, just not Gimp.

I changed the dynamics on my brush to pressure opacity, nothing.  I updated all drivers and windows and still nothing. I am at a loss.  My only alternative I can think of is Photoshop, which I don't care for at all.  Either that or go and purchase a Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus specifically for Gimp (as I have seen people saying that works well). 

Has anyone had this issue and found the solution?  I need pressure sensitivity to work in Gimp.  Please help if you can.  Thanks.

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