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TIFF to JPEG conversion kills dpi
(04-22-2017, 06:07 PM)david Wrote: I think the displayed dpi or ppi is a red herring! If when you carry out the conversion from TIFF to JPEG (without scaling the image) you have the same number of pixels, that is all that matters.
When printing the image, if you adjust the size to fit your paper that will automatically adjust the dpi to suit.


Not really. If you scan an image, that value is the only thing that relates you to the original size. So there are cases where it is important.

The point I was making is that, as far as I know, when you scan an image the dpi/ppi is not recorded within the image data and therefore what shows in GIMP is serendipity!
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, you are wrong, as far as I can tell the scanner normally sets the DPI in the image (normally the one you specified when scanning).
(04-22-2017, 07:18 PM)rich2005 Wrote: I might have found the problem, but it needs confirmation. Using my Bodhi linux netbook and the battery is running low.

Exporting a jpeg with 'Save Thumbnail' enabled in Advanced Options produces a 72 dpi jpeg.

1. In your Gimp profile ~/.gimp-2.8 delete the file parasiterc - this where where the export options are saved.
2. Make sure when exporting Save Thumbnail is not enabled.

edit: running the '72 ppi' through Imagemagick identify and the ppi is reported correctly, strange.

Thank you!! I will try this.

EDIT: I unchecked "Save thumbnail" and SUCCESS!!! Thank you so much! I was totally baffled. XD
Might be a big worth reporting (

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