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Tape damage restoration help
I am working to restore an old image and there is a ton of white marks left by tape or some other type of wear. I have been using a combination of resynthesizers heal filter and the clone stamp but it is far too time consuming. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion of how to better deal with this sort of damage.
In the image I included you can see where I have already restored the bottom right portion of the jacket as well as a small portion of the arm and trousers but it is taking a painful amount of time to do this. Any suggestions would be great.

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I did the Filters ➤ Enhance ➤ Heal selection... and it goes quite fast.
Can you post the same portion of the picture but without your processing (the original with all the tape defects)? For us to do some tests as well to see the real extend of the damages.
In all cases, I don't want to give you false hopes, restoring highly degraded pictures is usually time consuming

Well, using resynthesizer and clone stamp is the right solution. Sometimes one can copy part of the image, mirror it and rotate it so it fits , place it on the tape marks, correct the color and luminance and blend it with the background. Time consuming, but with this kind of damage, even with AI it is hard to do. A place on a photo where there is nothing, one can only guess what was in that place and correct it the way one think that is the best. As PicLab mentioned, post the photo to see what is possible.
Thanks for the replies. I was hoping there would be a faster way and I am a bit too detail oriented with this sort of work. I was doing much smaller portions of the image in order to preserve the fabric shape as well as keep it from looking washed out. I will keep at it and see if it drives me crazy before I finish. For Pixlab, here are a couple of screen caps that better show the scale of the damage. There is quite a bit and I already took care of creases scratches and other issues. This is that the last and most frustrating part. 
Again, Thanks for the comments.

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OK, you were speaking about those white spots all around, am I right?
If so, it might be easier in attenuating them  Big Grin

I give you three methods which work very differently for "different" purpose, even though the two later are very similar using the same filter but for a very different purpose.

1) For the small spots and selected area, I'll make a selection and go with the Filters ➤ Distorts ➤ Value Propagate... (select More Black for darker area and select More white for whiter/brighter area like hands)

2) Still using a selection on small spotted areas, this is another option
Make a selection go to Filters ➤ Blur ➤ Median Blur...

3) This time it's for the whole picture (works with area/selection as well)
Duplicate your photo, on the top duplicated photo, go to Filters ➤ Blur ➤ Median Blur... BUT this time put the mode in Subtract mode => you will got a black image with some white spots parsed,

you will need to increase the brightness a bit I'll do it with Colors ➤ Curves...

Once it's done put that top black layer in Subtract Mode (yes in the filter and now in the layer's stack Wink )

Hope this can shorten your work.

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