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TeX on Gimp
I want to ask if there is a plugin, like pdb.gimp_text_layer_set_markup, but instead of markup, this to use about functions/modules of TeX. For example: if want to put a footnote in a text_layer, to call this plugin, instead of make a new text-layer with a separating line and a -usually- smaller size font.

If there is not something like that, I want to ask if you think is useful a trial of developing something like that.
As for me, I 'd be very eager to contribute.
If it's useful for you, go ahead, because at least you'll learn something. But IMHO people who use text layers in Gimp rarely need something as advanced as the Tex functionality(*) and among these only a very small percentage is proficient enough in Tex/LaTex.

(*) And those who do may be using Scribus

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